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Organic Saffron – Grade A all Red Organic

Weight ‎5 Grams Units ‎25 Total Grams. 12.5 Country of origin of primary ingredient(s) ‎Iran Brand Mosafavi saffron Format ‎Flowers Speciality ‎Organic Manufacturer Mosafavi Saffron

Newsha Super Slimming package


60 days Package 

  • You consume 6 teas per day. Morring before breakfast,  Before Lunch and after Lunch. Before Dinner and After Dinner.
  • Please reach out to our consultant to help you.
Newsha slimming pack for hot-tempered people brings you effective and desirable weight loss. This pack is unique for reducing weight and size in the abdomen and flanks, and you can size and fat by consuming slimming and herbal teas. significantly reduce your abdomen and flanks and fitter and more attractive to look. Slimming pack for hot-tempered people has Orange. Black Tea, Lemon Verbena Infusion, Blueberry Flavored Tea, Cranberry. Black Tea, Damask Rose. Rosemary. Green Tea, Ginger. Black Tea, Cinnamon. Black Tea, Thyme. Cumin. Ajwain. Honey Powder, Fenugreek. Nettle .,

Slimming Tea. Does it Work?

Slimming tea pack helps in weight loss by facilitating the burning of fats, boosting metabolism and suppressing the user’s appetite. Others are also marketed as “fit teas” meaning they can cleanse the body toxins and increase the energy levels. Incorporating dieting and exercises helps in reducing weight significantly. After losing weight, continuing with slimming tea will help you prevent you from regaining it by preventing the metabolism slow down that’s common after losing a few pounds.

Here are some popular benefits that you will accrue from a cup of slimming tea:

1.Easy weight loss program. Unlike other losing programs, slimming tea does not need you to schedule time and put in some effort. It can, therefore, fit in anyone’s lifestyle. 2.Improved metabolism and reduced abdominal fat. Drinking slimming tea regularly will improve your metabolism leading to an increased rate of burned fats and hence work towards eliminating excess weight quickly. It reduces the intake of calories. It also prevents the conversion of carbohydrates and sugars into fat hence reducing the fat deposits in your body. Catechins also reduce the abdominal fats without interfering with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. 3.Delayed Aging Signs. Who wouldn’t want to maintain their young look? Besides losing weight, slimming tea has antioxidants and amino acids that combat free radicals and protects our cells and molecules from damage. The process enhances healing and, therefore, delaying any signs of aging. 4.Reduced cancer risks. Individuals who take slimming tea every day have very low chances of ailing from cancer. Catechins deactivate carcinogens, prevent cell mutation and reduce the formation and growth of tumors. Besides hindering the growth and development of cancerous cells, they also kill cancer cells without interfering with the functioning of the body. 5.Brain Stimulation. Caffeine which is one of the ingredients of slimming tea, activates the brain by increasing the reaction time, memory and vigilance. You can, therefore, fix a cup when you are suffering from fatigue issues. 6.Fights Various Diseases.  Slimming tea is made using natural products with multiple uses. Some of these products fight some illnesses protecting them from degenerating. It also enhances by breaking down fats. 7.Reduced oral problems. Polyphenols and Catechins in slimming tea reduce the bacteria that cause tooth decay, bleeding gums, and bad breath. You may consider taking the tea without any sweeteners to benefit from free dental care. 8.Strengthening of Bones. The anti-inflammatory nature of slimming tea strengthens your bones and reduces the risk of any fractures in the future. It increases the number and activity of the bone-building cells. 9. Prevents Heart Problems. Slimming tea lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels hence maintaining the health of your heart. Polyphenols prevent the absorption of cholesterol and dietary fat preventing a stroke or heart attack as well as reducing the risk of heart disease. 10.Improved Glucose Tolerance. The natural ingredients in slimming tea improve glucose tolerance by reducing the amount of insulin.    

Newsha Hair Loss Prevention Pack & slimming package  including 5 teas per day for 40 days